Who isn't afraid to be a liar in front of the Emperor ?

What is Kinapa :

A family game

A fast-paced card game for  to 8 players (expandable to 16 or more) with super easy to understand rules!

A colorful world

By mixing the Japanese imagination with pastel colors, the universe of Kinapa will amaze kids and adults ...

Some bluffing 

Learn to outsmart others by lying to their faces and by seeing through their bluff.


How long does a game last?

Answer: About 10 minutes, but it can be very fast. We've seen players win in the second round!

Can I discard a cat 1 and a dog 2 on a single object 1-2?

Answer: It's a good idea, but not in KINAPA, you can only make a family with the animal and the shelter of the same number.

What happens if it's always the same players playing?

Answer: For this there are the "sheep" cards. By giving a card each time the Emperor has visited a player, it is easy to see who has not yet had the chance to become "blessed". Once all the sheep cards have been dealt, he is removed from the game and so on until the end of the game.

What happens when you have 2 shelter/animal pairs in hand?

Answer: Even if you have 2 pairs in your hand, if you are not the one "blessed" or if you don't know where the matching object cards are, you must continue playing. This means that you may be force to exchange one of your cards for one that is convenient ! 

Can I discard my cards at the beginning?

Answer: No. You can only discard your card families when the Emperor comes to visit you.

Can I cheat? What if I get caught?

Answer: It is encouraged to lie while playing Kinapa ! It's not really cheating because it's in the rules ;). However, the punishment if you are caught is the following: 2 rounds of punishment during which the player cannot raise his hand and has his cards face up on the table.

What happens if no one raises their hand ?

Answer: In this case, the blessed one chooses a person who gives him a card at random. In exchange, the blessed person chooses one of these cards and exchanges it. The blessed one then turns over an object card and starts a new round of the game while still being the blessed one.

What happens if I request a number when I already have the animal and the corresponding shelter?

Answer: If it turns out that only the blessed one has the card he / she asked for, he / she then gives one of his cards to the player of his / her choice who exchanges him/her in return a randomly chosen card. The blessed one then chooses a person who has raised their hand and gives them the Emperor card. This person becomes the new blessed one.

Can we put a pair on top of a pair that has already been discarded ?

Answer: No, it is not possible :) You will have to find the second matching object card which is still face down.

Do I have to play with the sheep cards?

Answer: No. Sheep cards are mainly there to make sure that everyone can be the lucky one. Sheep cards are especially useful when the number of players is important.